President's Message


As we are about to depart this port of 2020 in hopes of finding a better place to ride out the COVID storm. We will set our sights on 2021. 2020 has been an interesting place to visit. But as we all have said before, about places we have been, "I wouldn't want to live there." 

We are reminded, as days go by, of the friendships we've made and the shipmates we've lost. This is a time to reflect and be grateful for the people in our lives. You know, the ones who keep us all afloat! Give them an extra hug, just for being there!
Here's wishing you all a Very Happy & Healthy New Year! 

I will also take this time to remind you that our USS Coontz Association is alive and well. We are planning our annual reunion later in 2021 to insure we are far away from 2020 as possible. This year our reunion will be held in Nashville TN. Plant that thought in the back of your mind. 

Stay tuned to one or all of the Coontz sites. We will get information out as soon as we can get those guys away from the bar long enough to put some sort of a POD together. Hell some of them are telling me about the Fat man in a Red Suite was buying them drinks. Yeah right, go figure!! 

Now will be a good time to send your dues to our Treasurer, Greg Siegel. We strive to keep our Association dues low. So for $20 you get a one year membership and for $300 you can get a lifetime membership.

As always, we strive to make sure that the Coontz Legacy continues. Each year, we contribute some of our dues to help maintain the Coontz Transom Plate in Hannibal MO, and we also contribute funds each year for putting Flowers on the Admiral's grave. 

REMEMBER: Reunion in Nashville!
Let's show what it's like to have Coontz shipmates come into Port!!
Hope to see you all there!


Chuck DeSabato,
President USS Coontz Assoc. 
A-Gang 74-76