President's Message


President’s Message, February, 2017



We had a terrific reunion in September in Charleston. You can read all about it in the opening page of the Web Site (

Our next reunion will be held in Portland, Oregon. Byron Anderson, with help from Red Bennett will be coordinating that event. The registration information will be on the site and on Facebook as soon as it is completed. Get your party hats on and get ready for a good time in Portland. We do not have details yet, but I have it on good aurhority that Portland is a fun place, filled with all sort of history and beautiful places to visit.

Old News

Over the past year, we initiated a new push to get more ex-Shipmates involved in the Association.  If you are in touch with any old Coontz shipmates that might want to join the Association and/or start attending our reunions, please give them a call and urge them to get more involved. You can also e-mail any of the current officers of the Association at the e-mail addresses listed on the first page of the Web Site. We will gladly follow up on any leads that you get to us.

As a result of that initiative, we now have names and a combination of addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for more than 220 ex-shipmates. All will receive the information on the 2016 reunion.

Another initiative that we started in San Diego, is the identification of any shipmates that past away since serving on the Coontz (Fallen Shipmates). If you know of any shipmates that have past, please let any of the current officers know. We plan to expand the Web Site to include a Fallen Shipmates page, in hopes that it will serve as a comprehensive list of those shipmates that have past.  At each of our reunions, we conduct a 2 Bell Ceremony to commemorate all of those that have fallen.

If you are reading this, either from the Web Site, or from Facebook, or from a direct mailing, it is obvious that you have an interest in preserving the memory of the USS Coontz.  So please remember the old girl and become a dues-paying member of the USS Coontz Association. For the nominal cost of $20 annually, you can be a full member of the Association and will be doing your part to help keep her memory alive.

We all get a lot of appeals for money and in this economy, it is not easy to find the cash to meet most of those requests.  Our dilemma at the USS Coontz Association is that we have a very small universe of possible donors to appeal to.  Most years, we see only those attending the USS Coontz Reunion sending in their $20 dues and becoming Association members. And, at the New Orleans Reunion, we voted to reduce the dues for a Lifetime Membership to the Association for all shipmates 70 years or older.

I am asking all of you to please consider sending in your dues whether you will be attending the reunion or not. The dues our members pay go to keeping the memory of the USS Coontz alive after she was decommissioned and dismantled.  The dues help us make an annual donation toward the upkeep for the USS Coontz Memorial in Hannibal, Missouri, and to pay for mailing costs and other miscellaneous costs incurred by the Association. We also make an annual contribution to a deserving military oriented orgnization. In 2016, our donation went to Fisher House, an organization charing for wounded Vetrans!

If you wish to do your part in keeping the memory of the USS Coontz alive, please contact Red Bennett at and he will advise you on what you need to do to become a full member.
Thank you so much for your consideration on this.

The Association needs your help!

We have an exciting year planned for 2016.  Here’s hoping that you will consider becoming involved and can join us in Portland!!.

Tony Hubbard (’61 – ’64)
President, USS Coontz Association



For other news about the Coontz as posted by some of your former shipmates, please check our Facebook Pages by clicking both Facebook 1 and Facebook 2.