The USS Coontz Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of the USS Coontz (DLG 9/DDG 40), and the men and women that served aboard her!

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The dates for the 2016 Reunion in Charleston, SC are:

September 29th through October 2nd.

Check out the Reunion's page to get the details.


Reunion in New Orleans, LA

The USS Coontz Association Reunion took place, in 2015, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  We met at the Hyatt Place, New Orleans.  It was a very nice hotel about a mile “upriver” from the French Quarter.  It was located, conveniently, near the end of a Trolley Car line that ran to the French Quarter and other destinations.  Most of the Attendees were seniors and got to ride the trolley for 40 cents a ride.

We met on Thursday night, September 17, in the Hospitality Room.  Many members brought mementos to display from their time aboard the Coontz.  At the “Meet & Greet”, members were served Hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Several groups ventured out on their own and had a late dinner at one of the many Blues Bars in the area.

Friday morning we all met in the hotel dining room for a complimentary breakfast before assembling in the lobby to board a bus taking us on a bus tour of New Orleans.  We visited the “Lower Ninth Ward” which flooded so badly during Hurricane Katrina, A sculpture park, cemetery and many of the beautiful neighborhoods in the city.  Our tour guide gave us many tips on seeing the city and finding good dining.

Friday afternoon, we held our annual USS Coontz Association business meeting.  We firmed up some plans for future reunions.  The 2016 reunion will be in Charleston, South Carolina and 2017 is being planned for Portland Oregon.

For Friday evening dinner, attendees were on their own and we spread out in small groups to savor the fine dining available in the city, many finding great food and music in the French Quarter.

Later, Friday evening, many members met again in the Hospitality Room to swap some more Sea Stories.

Saturday morning, after the complimentary Breakfast, we all walked 2 blocks over to the World War II Museum.  Everyone agreed that this is a world class museum.  The 40 minute movie is described as “4D” and was well worth the trip all by itself.  Most of us spent several more hours looking at the great displays and learning a good deal more than we ever knew about that war.

After the museum, we had time for lunch on our own and again most ventured back to the French Quarter for food and music.

Later, Saturday afternoon, we met at the Spanish Fountain for our “Two Bell” Ceremony.  At this ceremony, we read aloud the names of all our “Departed Shipmates” who once served aboard the USS Coontz.  It is always a moving time.

We all walked from the Spanish Fountain to gather aboard the “Creole Queen”, a classic Mississippi River Boat for our evening dinner.  The dinner featured all sorts of Creole and Cajun food and was enjoyed by everyone.  After dinner we took a long cruise on the Mississippi and got to see this beautiful city from the water.

Later, Saturday evening, it was time for a few last Sea Stories in the Hospitality Room.

Sunday morning we had our last complimentary breakfast at the hotel and said our goodbyes until next year.  There were some attendees who stayed a few extra days and took longer tours of the city and some even toured the surrounding swamps.




 Minutes of USS Coontz Association Meeting, September 19, 2015


USS Coontz Association
2015 Business Meeting
New Orleans, LA

A. Meeting called to order by Dan Lorimer, Vice President of the Coontz Association

1.Members present recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America

2.Leroy Lau led the group in a Prayer

3.Red Bennett and Leroy Lau updated the group on the condition of Tony Hubbard.  They spoke to Tony and Barbara on the phone and he is making good progress;  still facing Open Heart Surgery later this month

B. New Business – Review of Outstanding Assignments          

1. According to the Associations by-laws, the election of the President and Secretary of the Association should be held every two years (2015, 2017, ETC); The office of the Vice-President and Treasurer should be elected in the off years (2014, 2016, ETC).  The current Treasures, Red Bennett, agreed to extend his term for one year, so that the Treasurer and Vice President should be elected in 2016 for a two year term.

2. We welcomed two new Members to this reunion: Ray Mazik and Herm Olberg.  We hope to see them at future reunions, along with other shipmates that they may be in touch with.

3. Tony Hubbard and Andy Anderson will continue to serve as the Association’s Web Managers.

4. Franz Perfect will continue to serve as the Official Ship’s Photographer and Historian.  Franz spoke to the Membership present about the official Photo Site – Phanfare – and of the importance of all members to continue to submit Photos to him for inclusion on the Photo site.

6. Minutes of the 2014 Association Meeting were read and approved.

7. Lifetime Memberships in the Association were awarded to Al Durazo and Bryan Davis for organizing the 2014 and 2015 Reunions.  Well Done to both of them!

8. Motion made and passed to reduce the cost of Association’s Lifetime Membership to $150 for those members over the age of 70.

9. Lifetime Members of the Association will be noted on the Web Site and on the Coontz’s Facebook Page.

10. Red Bennett read the Treasurer’s report into the minutes.  A copy of the report will be circulated to all current Members but will not be published on the Web Site or on the Facebook Page.

C. Dan Lorimar and Greg Siegel will serve as the organizers and contact points for the 2016 Reunion to be held in Charleston, SC.  Dan and Greg deserve a Big Thank You for volunteering their efforts for the reunion!

D. A discussion was held regarding the site of the 2017 reunion.  Possible sites discussed were:  Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.  After discussion, Portland was selected as the Host City for 2017.  Red Bennett and Andy Anderson volunteered to coordinate the 2017 reunion.

E. The members present discussed the possibility of combining our reunion with similar ships in our class in order to take better advantage of Hotel Rates and to include more members.  Al Durazo will test the waters on combing in our reunions with similar ships to see if they want to join our reunions.

F. Motion made to adjourn at 1730 hours.  Passed by all members present.



Something To Remember!

I would encourage everyone that is interested to join the Coontz Association, and to start coming to furure reunions in the. All of us are getting older, and this is a chance to relive our youth and to help make sure that the memory of the USS Coontz lives on.

We are very hopeful that you will be attending the 2016 USS Coontz Reunion in Charlleston, SC. However, if you are not attending, please keep the USS Coontz Association in mind. You can still join the Association by sending in your $20 membership fee.
This $20 is used to keep the memory of the USS Coontz alive.  Money collected from the Association dues was used to purchase the fantail of the Coontz after she was dismantled.  The fantail was donated by the Association to Hannibal Mo. and they built a monument to the USS Coontz along the Mississippi River. The Association also makes annual donations for the upkeep of this monument.

When you join the Association, you can also to have your contact information listed on the Association website so that ex-shipmates can communicate with you.