The USS Coontz Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of the USS Coontz (DLG 9/DDG 40), and the men and women that served aboard her!

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Reunion in San Diego, California

We had a terrific reunion in San Diego in September.  Al and Ginny Durazo did a great job getting everything organized.  We had a very special tour of the San Diego Naval Station, which included a visit to the USS Pinckney (DDG 90) and a bus tour of the base.  The Commander of the Naval Station was on board the bus and provided his insights and plans for the base (For those shipmates that were stationed in San Diego, You Will Not Recognize the Place now).

The next day, we had our annual business meeting, a Trolley Tour of San Diego, the Two Bell Ceremony honoring our fallen Shipmates (With the USS Midway Museum in the background), and a Dinner Cruise around San Diego Bay to top off the reunion.

In all respects, it was a fun Reunion, giving those attending a chance to renew old acquaintences, and to say a final goodbye to some fine Shipmates.

I would encourage everyone that is interested to join the Association, and to start coming to the reunions in the future.  All of us are getting older, and this is a chance to relive our youth and to help make sure that the memory of the USS Coontz lives on.


 Minutes of USS Coontz Association Meeting, September 20, 2014

1- Meeting called to order at 9:07 a.m. 9/20/2014 by Treasurer Red Bennett. (Current President, Franz Perfect was unable to attend).
A- Roll Call taken - 15 members present
B- Red Bennett recommended Charlie Lau as the official Chaplin of the Association.  Motion seconded and approved.
C- Red Bennett also recommended Tony Hubbard as our Web Site Manager—Assisted by Byron “Andy” Anderson.  Motion seconded and approved.

2-  Minutes of our 2013 Association Meeting were approved.

3-  Treasurer presented a report of our finances of 2014.
A-  Red also led discussion on problem we have collecting dues and building up our membership.
B-  Red also said that he will send a financial report to any member that requests it.
C- Membership dues were discussed and it was decided to keep it at $20 per year. Incentives were discussed for new members of the association. Red will work on a recommendation for the incentive, and the Executive Committee will consider it by phone.

D-  Election of officers—Current terms expiring are for our current President and Vice President.—Nominated and 
elected unanimously were Tony Hubbard for President and Dan Lorimer for Vice-President.
A-  Brenda Hull (widow of Hal Hull) and her family attending this meeting were voted Honorary members of the Coontz Association.
B-  We discussed the site for the East coast Reunion in 2016—
sites considered were:

Washington D.C.,
Boston, MA,
Charleston, S.C.,
Philadelphia, PA.

Overwhelming majority Voted for Charleston with Tony Hubbard as lead planner assisted by Ludy Werts.

5-  Auction—Andy contributed one his now famous paintings AND also sold it for $300 which he will donate to the  Association.—Charlie Lau’s Huckleberry assortment drew $30 from Al Durazo.
—Autographed Book, The Trident Deception was purchased by Charlie Lau for $30—Chuck Desabato’s  wood carving of a Coontz insignia was purchased by Red Bennett for $35.  Proceeds of the auction will go to the Coontz Memorial in Hannibal, MO.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:19   a.m.  

Minutes submitted by Al
Durazo, Secretary - USS Coontz Association,


Something To Remember!

We are very hopeful that you will be attending this year’s USS Coontz Reunion in New Orleans.  However, if you are not, please keep the USS Coontz Association in mind.  We ask that you still join the Association by sending in your $20 membership fee.
This $20 is used to keep the memory of the USS Coontz alive.  Money from the Association dues was used to purchase the fantail of the Coontz after she was dismantled.  The fantail was donated by the Association to Hannibal Mo. and they built a monument to the USS Coontz along the Mississippi River.  The Association also makes annual donations for the upkeep of this monument.
When you join the Association, you can opt to have your contact information listed on the Association website.