The USS Coontz Association is dedicated to preserving the memory of the USS Coontz (DLG 9/DDG 40), and the men and women that served aboard her!

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We now have dates, Hotel information and a tentative itinerary for the 2018 USS Coontz Reunion to be held in San Antonio, TX.

Check out details on the Reunions Page on this site, or on the USS Coontz Facebook Page.

Then make your plans to attend.

 Minutes of USS Coontz Association Meeting, September 16, 2017


1635 hrs.—Meeting of the USS Coontz Association was called to order by  
         President Tony Hubbard.  LeRoy Lau led members in Pledge of 
         Allegiance, followed by a short prayer.
The Minutes of the 2016 Reunion were read by the Sec’y, Al Durazo. Motion was made and unanimously approve by the members present.

New business included discussion of next year’s reunion in San Antonio. Wayne Cooper is in charge of planning this reunion. So far no definite date has been set.  Also discussed was the possibility of merging with the Destroyer Leader’s Association (DLA) for the purpose of improving our reunion rates for hotel, tours, hospitality rooms, etc. We discussed keeping our group's identity with separate hospitality rooms and meetings.  One of their representatives will meet with us to answer questions and discuss our possible merger.

Our Treasurer, Red Bennett gave his his report orally.  The current balance in the Association's kitty is $4,437.  We purchased a wreath for $95 the Hannibal Park and so far we haven’t paid the $100 we normally give to Hannibal for the maintenance of the Coontz transom. 

We had a long discussion regarding the dues as they are currently administered.  It seems the dues were waived for some new members and reduced for others.  Chuck DeSabato brought up the point that we need to follow the by-laws of the Association as written and voted on by the entire membership.  Any deviation from this, we must first be change in the by-laws.  Red Bennett then said that if anyone wants a copy of the Treasurer’s Report he would send them one upon request.
A short ceremony was then held, led by Charlie Lau, to recognize Byron Anderson and and Red Bennett for doing an outstanding job of setting up this Reunion in spite of all the hurdles thrown up by the State and City.

Our next order of business was the Election of Officers.  Ed Conrad was elected Sec’y and Chuck DeSabato was elected President. They will both hold this office for the next two years. In San Antonio we will elect our Treasurer and Vice-President.

Our 2019 site will be in the the "Boston Area".  We chose this site due to a possible future merger with the DLA (Destroyer Leader’s Association).  Our selection of a site concurrent with them will enable us to make a more informed decision about merging the two organizations. They have already determined that the "Boston Area" will be their reunion site for 2019

ADDENDUM—  The members were told that there would be a representative of the DLA present on Sunday morning to discuss and answer any questions we might have regarding the merger of our two groups.  He informed us that his membership is in favor of the merger due to declining enrollment. After much discussion of the Pros and Cons if we decided to give it a try before we make a final committent

We did want to stress that we wanted to keep our separate identity and to have our own hospitality room while sharing their negotiated room rates and possible tours fees that might be of interest to our members..

The meeting was adjourned at 1734 hrs.
                   Submitted by Al Durazo-Outgoing Sec’y of the USS Coontz



Something to Ponder!

I would encourage everyone that can to join the Coontz Association, and to start attending furure reunions . All of us are getting older, and this is a chance to relive our youth and to help make sure that the memory of the USS Coontz lives on.

We are very hopeful that you will be attending the 2018 USS Coontz Reunion in Texas. However, if you are not attending, please keep the USS Coontz Association in mind. At the Business Meeting in Portland, we reverted to our original $20.00 Association fee for joining!

In past years, we used a portion of the Association's excess money to help purchase the fantail of the Coontz after she was dismantled.  The fantail was donated by the Association to Hannibal Mo. and was used to create a monument to the USS Coontz along the Mississippi River. The Association plans annual donations for the upkeep of this monument.

When you join the Association, you can also to have your contact information listed on the Association website so that ex-shipmates can communicate with you.

To join the USS Coontz Association, simply download the form associated with the link below, print it out (using Word or something similar), fill the form out and send it (email or via the Post Office) to Red Bennett, Treasurer of the Association. Please include a check for $20.00!!!